Hi, I’m Jennifer

Hi, my name is Jennifer and this is my blog. I’d ask what your name is, but this medium doesn’t really allow for that. So I’ll just drop in a “choose-your-own-small-talk” intro and we can go from there. What’s your name? [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] Wow, that’s a beautiful/unique/hilarious name. I work as a copywriter at a tech start-up, which basically means I work for snacks*. At night, I spend my time doing sketch comedy and improv, where I am, again, paid in snacks—and occasionally beer. What do you do? [INSERT PROFESSION or HOBBY THAT YOU PRETEND IS YOUR PROFESSION] Awesome! That’s interesting/brave/what my uncle does.

Now that we’ve gotten acquainted, I’d like to tell you about my blog. It’s what we in the blog-o-sphere call a “lifestyle” blog. It’s kind of complicated to explain, but it’s basically like every blog you’ve ever read. I love to cook, particularly healthy foods or foods that involve bacon, but never both as they don’t frequently overlap. I’d draw you a Venn diagram, but I’m a writer, not a graphic designer, so please STOP ASKING ME FOR ARTWORK! I’m very close with my family, let’s call them Schmim, Schmaurie and SchmeeJay, and my husband who we’ll call Schmohn. Obviously, I needed to change their names to protect their privacy—I hope you understand.

According to the families on my block growing up, my family is comprised of “weirdoes” and we sometimes have “weird” traditions when it comes to food. We operate much like Orthodox Jews if leavened bread was chocolate chip coffee cake and Sabbath was the months of January through October. For those of you who don’t follow: we eat chocolate chip coffee cake religiously but only in the months of November and December.

My friends and co-workers often comment on my food choices saying that they are interesting (read: weird), and they’ve encouraged me to start a blog. I’m very easily swayed, so here I am.

I’m also into exercise, so I’ll occasionally write about that too. And because I’m very wise and I have life totally figured out—aka I’m constantly re-evaluating life choices, drowning in a sea of self-doubt—I’ll be happy to share life advice along the way.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next time.

*Just in case my boss is reading this, they do in fact pay me a salary. It is part American dollars, part Cheez-its.